Therapy Crafted for the
Millennial Mindset

Kristen Lee, CEO
I often hear "Wow, this is sooooo not what I expected!" That is due to the stereotypes that have been placed on my industry. Therapy does not have to be a dry, boring, morose experience. Come have an experience that is light, solution focused and leaves you fulfilled.

Talk to a therapist that has seen it all, heard it all, and remains unfazed. Process your experiences in a completely nonjudgmental environment where you can truly relax and be heard.

Are you ready for a new age therapeutic experience?

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Kristen Lee is a natural optimist.  She has always been a person to help and reassure others.  She took those natural gifts, refined them, and has built a business to help others reach their potentials and optimize their lives.

Kristen Lee has small-town values with large-scale ideology and a free-spirit.  She attended Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She went to school to become a life coach, and then went to Liberty University to obtain her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.  
Kristen Lee has spoken on panels promoting mental health, healthy relationships, and women’s empowerment.  She volunteers at schools and various youth programs, helping children and adolescents map out their future, and sort out the struggles/transition of maturation.

Kristen believes in the therapeutic process, but also enjoys the progressive side of life coaching, and goal achieving. She believes in all of her clients, and sees their personal successes as her own success.  Every win for her client is a win for her.  If you are ready to have a motivated, positive life-force in your corner, contact My Awesome Coach today!
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