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Kristen has helped me navigate challenges and make progress in my personal growth. I love working with her! She’s relatable and always holds space to hear me out. Not only does she give great advice but helps in creating an action plan to carry it out.


My experience with Kristen has been amazing - she has an approach that makes me feel safe, unjudged and allows me to slowly work through all my thoughts - no thought, question or feeling is silly. Her approach also gives me immediate feedback with tools and action I can implement immediately into my every day life to see improvements. This is huge for me because yes, I get to vent and get all my feelings out but I am then taught skills to feel more equipped in my day to day life.


Kristen has been incredibly helpful as a therapist. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and I genuinely look forward to our sessions. She gives you the plans, tools, support and guidance to deal with everything life throws at you - from unpacking traumas to improving romantic relationships and family dynamics to dealing with big transitions, etc. She holds you accountable but isn’t judgmental, and I enjoy her humor. It’s like talking to a wise friend who wants the best for you (who is also trained as a coach and therapist). She’s helped me understand how my anxiety, OCD and events in childhood have impacted certain behaviors and triggers and how I can rewire my brain to think and do things differently. I’ve noticed tremendous growth in myself since we started and I’m so grateful for her. I have raved about her to all my friends, it’s been a game changer.


Kristen is the one, y’all! I literally can't express enough how grateful I am to have Kristen as myguide through numerous life transitions. Her expertise, compassion, and unwavering support have been invaluable to me. With her by my side, navigating through challenges felt much smoother and more manageable. It is effortless how she makes every conversation easy and enjoyable. It's like talking to your bestie who genuinely cares about your well-being. Kristen is the magical unicorn. Look no further. 🦄